We Are All Important to the Body of Christ

4180690Lesson Application: Everyone is important to the body of Christ.

Supplies: A string Christmas lights (enough so that each young person can receive a light bulb).

On most light sets, if one bulb is removed the circuit will be broken and none of them will work. One by one, have each young person place his or her light bulb in the string and share one special thing about himself or herself. When everyone’s bulb is in place, the string will light up. All of the bulbs have to be in place for the lights to shine forth with their beauty! Everyone is important in the body of Christ.


We are All Important to the Body of Christ

penny2Lesson Application: We are all valuable to the kingdom of God.  We may be small but together we can make a huge difference for God.

Supplies: penny

Show the kids a penny. “What can you buy with a penny? One penny can’t do very much but lots of pennies put together are very useful. We are all needed in the church. We may feel small and insignificant but when we all work together we can make a difference.