Christmas Party Fun with a Point

Crepe-Xmas-Tree-b-2Select 5 kids from the audience.  On a table set up 5 settings with each setting including the following:
1 party hat,
1 party face mask,
one cup of made up Jell-o
one spoon,
one plate with a slice of Fairy Bread on it (this is bread and butter with hundreds and thousands sprinkles on it),
one little wedding bubble blower,
and one balloon.

On “GO,” the kids compete¬† to see who can put on the hat, put on the mask, eat the Jell-0, eat the Fairy Bread, blow three lots of bubbles, and blow up the balloon REALLY quickly.

Thank the volunteers and award the winner of the competition.

Say: “We all love parties, don’t we? Who gets invited to parties? We usually go to parties of people that we care about, or that we really like or love to be around don’t we? Well, this party here tonight is celebrating Jesus’ birthday – and He really wants you to be part of it because He wants to be your special friend. He loves you, each one of you, and has invited you to celebrate with Him, not just at Christmas time, but for always. “