God’s Promises are True

A woman's hand choosing a chocolate from a boxLesson Application: Taste and see that the Lord is good and His promises are true.

Supplies: a box of chocolates

Ask “How do you know that all of God’s wonderful promises are true? How do you know that they are good and will really work?” Get out a box of chocolates. Ask “How do you know that these chocolates are good? They certainly look good, but do you know that they really are good just by looking at them? – No. They smell good, don’t they, but can you tell if they are good by smelling them? – No. I could tell you all the ingredients – cocoa, sugar, butter etc. – and how the chocolates were made, but would you then know if they really are good? – No. I could introduce you to people who have tasted them, and they will tell you how good they are, but would you then know they were good? – No. I could eat one myself (proceed to do so). Oh yes, they really are good! But do you now know that they are good? – No. What would you have to do to find out for yourselves if they are really good? That’s right. You would have to taste them for yourselves. It is exactly the same with God’s promises. The Bible tells us to Taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). The only way that you will prove for yourselves that God’s promises are good is by putting them to the test, and trying them out for yourselves. Now, who would like to put these chocolates to the test, and prove that they are good?”

Object Lesson: Memorizing Scripture

PROPS: A hi-lighter

Has everyone seen one of these before? Has anyone ever used one? It’s a highlighter. And what do we use highlighters for?

highlighter-yellowHighlighters are an important tool. Students use highlighters when they’re studying for school. If you’re reading your notes or a book and come across something you want to remember, you might highlight that section. Then when you go back and study, that important passage will jump out at you because it’s a different color.

Sometimes a person at their job might use a highlighter to mark something they want to remember. Or, if they’re reading a long report for their boss, they might use the highlighter to mark something very important for their boss to see.

Can anyone else give me an example of where we might use a highlighter?

Has anyone ever seen someone mark their Bible with a highlighter? That can be a very valuable tool for us as we study God’s word. If you find a verse that’s really meaningful to you, you can highlight it so it will catch your attention, or so you can find it again.

But you know, there’s another way we can highlight scripture in our lives, and that’s to memorize it. Memorizing is just like highlighting scripture in your heart. When you’re feeling down, you can remember a verse about joy. When you need to resist temptation, you can recall a verse about standing strong with God.

Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Just as a highlighter brings the words on a page to light, God’s word lights the steps of our lives. Sounds like a good verse to highlight in our hearts, doesn’t it? Repeat it with me. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

Repeat that same verse tonight, and every night this week. Then every week, recite that verse at least once. Then start memorizing other verses. The more of God’s word you can highlight in your life, the more you will find yourself walking in his light.