The Holy Spirit–Our Guide


Lesson Application: We will stay on target in our journey through life – If we let the Bible and the Holy Spirit guide us.

Supplies: a round balloon, tape, a straw, approximately 20 feet of string

Blow up your balloon but do not tie it off. Choose a volunteer to be your” target”. Have him/her stand about 18 feet away. “This balloon represents a person trying to go through life on their own. Most people want to go the right way. Their intentions are good. Therefore I am starting off by pointing the balloon at the target, but let’s see what will happen when I let go!” It will almost certainly miss the target. Repeat a few times. You may be able to obtain “Rocket” balloons. These are long, and buzz as they travel through the air. Children love them, but they will still miss their targets! “What this balloon needs is a Guidance system – something to help it hit its target. I have one right here. Produce your string, thread one end through a drinking straw. Have a second volunteer stand just behind the target, holding the other end. Blow up your balloon and tape it under the straw.  Let the balloon go, and watch it hit its target. “That balloon kept right on target, because it had something to guide it. In the same way, if we trust the Holy Spirit and The Word of God to guide us through life, we will reach our “target”.

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