Sin Destroys Lives 1


Lesson Application: This is a great idea to illustrate how sin is destructive to people’s lives even if we try to hide it from others.

Supplies:  a syringe with a needle, food coloring, and a piece of fruit (apple, orange, pear etc.)

Inject fruit with the food coloring. The coloring WILL seep out a little, but can be easily washed away. Be very careful and work slowly. When you get to the lesson, cut open the fruit and reveal what’s inside.
Explain how sin gets into our lives and though we may be able to hide it from others. We may even look good on the outside, inside we are all disgusting and poisoned. Sin will destroy us. God does not judge us by what we look like on the outside.  He looks at the heart. He knows what we really are, and he is the only one who can clean up the mess. Wear protective clothing as it can be VERY messy!

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