R U E?

RUELesson Application: This lesson will remind the kids to be ready for Christ’s second coming.

Supplies: A poster with a large black R, a large black U and a large red E.

Show the kids your poster. Ask the children “What does this say? That’s right R U E. But what is the color of the “E”? That’s right – red. Now, read the card again, but this time say the color of the letter “E”. That’s right R U red E. Now, keep on saying it, faster and faster _ _ _ _ _ _ _. You’ve got it. It says “ARE YOU READY?” The important question is “Are you ready for when Jesus returns? Say “when talking about His second coming, Jesus referred to the days of Noah, saying that when He returned, the conditions on the earth would be similar (i.e. great lawlessness). Jesus went on to explain that the actual date of His return was not important, what really matters is “Are you ready?”





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