Making Good Choices

DiscoSit-Jr_2Lesson Application: No matter what, we need to always make the choices that we know are right.

Supplies: a rope, candy, a chair, a chocolate bar, and a glass of water

Ask for a volunteer to come out and be tied to a chair with a piece of rope. Ask for a second volunteer to come out and make an important choice. Produce a glass of water and a piece of candy. Explain that their choice is “In return for this candy, will you throw this glass of water in the first volunteer’s face? He/she is powerless to stop you, because they are tied to the chair.” If they refuse, begin to increase the ‘reward’ to 2, 3, 4 pieces of candy, 4 pieces of candy and a chocolate bar! If your volunteer refuses to throw the water, tell them they have made the right choice. No matter what ‘reward’ was on offer, it would always be wrong to throw water in someone’s face. State that the Bible teaches us that if we make the right choices here on earth, we will be rewarded in heaven. Give them their reward of candy and a chocolate bar. If your volunteer says they will throw the water, tell them they have made the wrong choice, and give the ‘reward’ to their intended victim instead. Just a note: remember you are asking them “would they throw the water,” not asking them “to throw the water.”

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