Love Others at ALL Times

balloon-popping_0Lesson Application:  Even if we are loving to someone sometimes, if we turn around and are unloving to them even once we will hurt them. We need to show our love with our words and our actions all the time.

Supplies: A balloon, clear packing tape, a marker, and a log hat pin.

Use a marker to draw the face on the balloon. Stick some clear packing tape on several spots on the balloon. Let the kids name your balloon.

Use the hat pin to demonstrate your kind words doesn’t hurt your balloon buddy at all.  Stick the pin through the packing tape and pull it back out, each time saying something nice. Do this several times. The balloon buddy will not pop when you do this. Now stick the hat pin through a portion of the balloon that doesn’t have tape on it. Your balloon buddy will pop. Explain to the children that this is what happens when we say something mean to someone. It doesn’t matter how many times we have said something nice, it only takes saying something mean one time to hurt people.

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