Love Can Change Hate

lemonadeLesson Application: Hate makes people unhappy and sour at life but when love is added to their lives it makes life good again.

Supplies: 2 pitchers of lemonade (one with sugar and one without), 2 lemon slices

Show the kids the two pitchers of lemonade and some lemon slices. Tell the kids that this lemonade reminds you of love and hate. Ask a child to take put a lemon slice in his or her mouth. It’s very sour and bitter. Tell the kids that hate makes people unhappy and sour like a lemon. Hate is also like lemonade without sugar; simply no good. Having love is like adding sugar to the lemonade. Love is sweet and pleasant. God can give us that love if we ask for it. As Christians we need to be sweet and loving like lemonade and not sour and unloving like lemons.

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