Following God’s Plan


Lesson Application: God has given us a plan (recipe) to follow in His Word for our lives. If we try to do our own thing (substitute our own ingredients or leave something out), our lives will turn out to be a mess.

Supplies: A cookie recipe, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, supplies to make a “batch of cookies”

Keep the cookies out of sight of the kids. Produce a cookie recipe that you followed to make the “good” cookies. Gather substitute “ingredients” (things that look similar to the actual ingredients, but are radically different, such as salt instead of flour, vinegar instead of water, coffee grounds instead of chocolate chips, etc.) With your ingredients, tell the kids that you have here a recipe that will make the perfect chocolate chip cookies. Start reading the ingredients, but saying that you were out of this and substituted another ingredient that you thought was similar. You might also leave out a key ingredient, saying you’re sure it won’t make a big difference in the cookie. Go through your substitute ingredients, mixing them together. By this time, if the kids have figured out the substitute ingredients, they’ll be saying “gross” and “yuck”. When you have mixed it all together, ask if anyone wants some of these cookies. Most of the kids will decline your offer. The writer of the original recipe knew how to make a good batch of chocolate chip cookies. By changing it, I messed it all up. In the same way, we must follow God’s recipe for our lives because He wrote the recipe and knows best how to make it good. When we start trying to change the recipe by substituting what WE think is good is when we mess it all up. “We are all on a journey through life, and God has given us two things to help us – His Word, the Bible and the Holy Spirit. If, however, we try and travel through life on our own – without calling on God to Guide us – we will make mistakes, and go off in directions that are not part of God’s plan for us.”

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