Lesson Application: Explain that faith is believing in something that you cannot see. State that although you cannot see God because He is a Spirit, you can still know that He is real. Explain that something else you cannot see, but is real is the air. State that you are now going to prove that the air in the room is real.

Supplies: water, a glass, a piece of cardboard cut slightly larger than the top of the glass (An old breakfast cereal box is an ideal source of suitable cardboard).

Pour water into a glass until it is almost full. Place a piece of cardboard, shiny side down, over the top. Hold cardboard in place, and invert glass. Take away your hand from the cardboard. Explain that gravity is still at work trying to make the water fall on the floor, but that the air – which we cannot see – is stronger than gravity and is keeping the cardboard in place. Invite a few of the children to put their faith in the air – which they cannot see- and walk under the glass. As they are doing so, reinforce the truth that they are trusting in something that they cannot see.

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