Don’t Grab the Apple (Object Lesson / Game)

Colored_Balls_HSupplies Needed:
Tub full of colored
balls, only ONE
red one.
Small buckets for kids

Choose 5 or 6 kids and bring on stage. Give each a small bucket. Blindfold them.

On GO they are to reach in the big bucket of balls and grab some putting them in their bucket.

Blue=5 points, Green=10; Yellow=20 BUT if they pick the red one, they get ZERO points for that round.

Play several 30 second rounds, adding up their points each time and then putting the balls back.

IF someone got the red one, they get no points.

Last round – NO blind fold.

Ask why no one picked the red one when the blind folds were off?

The Point: You knew red was bad so you didn’t pick it, but you did when you were blind.

Sin is like that red ball.  It is bad for you and will take away good things in life. Sometimes we are blinded by others or ignorance and sin, but other times we sin with our eyes wide open, like Adam and Eve did. Sin costs you – Avoid it – and you will be a winner!

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