Calling on God

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Everyone knows what this is, don’t you? This is a cell phone, and almost everyone has one of these by now. Cell phones are very useful, aren’t they? Before cell phones, people had to be in their office or at home to make a phone call. If they were out some place and had an emergency like a car breaking down, they had to find a business that would let them borrow a phone, or use a pay phone. Now if your Mom or Dad’s car breaks down, they can call for service without ever leaving the car!

Cell phones have given us a lot more freedom in making phone calls, but they have their limits. A cell phone can only send a signal so far, and they still have to be in range of a cell phone tower in order to make a call. Some people can’t even make calls from their own basement at home! That’s why you see all those TV commercials about how far a cell phone company’s network can reach. Everyone wants you to believe their network is the strongest and the biggest, because if you have an emergency, you want to be on the network that will be most likely to connect your call.

You know that reminds me of God. While cell phones have their limits, God has NO limits! There is no place we can go that God isn’t already there. Did you realize that? Even if you tried to run away from God, you could never get to a place he couldn’t reach. The Bible says God’s eye is even on the sparrow. He sees us no matter how dark things are or how far away we go.

Romans 8:39 says, “Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” I hope none of you ever stray too far from the path God chose for you. But if you ever do, remember the cell phone – and remember that even in the darkest and scariest places, and even in far away places, God is always there.

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