Ask and You Shall Receive

11-International-Agreements-That-Are-Nails-In-The-Coffin-Of-The-PetrodollarJesus told us that some people don’t receive anything from God, simply because they don’t ask. Here is a simple illustration to help children understand that they should pray for their needs.

Write out on a piece of card or paper “————– (your name) wants to give away $1.” Place it in a conspicuous place in your room before the lesson starts, but don’t refer to it until the appropriate time.

Talk about how much our generous God wants to bless us and give us all our needs, but how some people don’t receive from God because they don’t ask. Remind them that Jesus said “Ask, and you shall receive” (Luke 11:9). By now one child might have really understood what you are talking about, and asked you for your dollar. If not, ask the children “Is there anyone here who wants to ask me for something?” Eventually someone should understand and ask for your dollar! “It is as simple as that.  ‘Ask and you shall receive’. “

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