An Unexpected Light!

title-imageEffect: A dill pickle lights up!

Set Up: Get an extension cord. Cut the end off (not the end that plugs in) and pull back the plastic, revealing the 2 wires. Wrap each wire around a large nail and tape with black electrical tape. Put the pickle in a glass pie plate (Tin might be a baaadddd idea!)

Lesson: Show kids various lights (flash lights, candles, light bulbs). Talk about Jesus being the light of the world, but tell them that when Jesus was born, it was not what the world expected. Then, take a large dill pickle. Insert the 2 nails into the opposite end of the pickle. Make sure the nails don’t touch each other! Plug in the cord. The pickle will light up! I know that if the nails touch, it blows fuses so you need to be careful of that. It’s ok if the pickle is wet. It just glows and it’s really cool. I got a really big dill pickle from a deli and I did it at home before trying it in front of the kids.

BE CAREFUL! But have fun!

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