An Easy Choice?

lollipopChoose volunteer (younger child).

Show her two candies, a very small one and a big one. (The medium one, the large one is hidden!)

Say that because you love kids and delight to give good things to kids, you want her to choose one of these to have. But add that you think she should pick the little one, but it is totally up to her. She is completely free to pick the one she wants and she will get to keep it. But say again, “I really love kids, and delight to give very good things, so I think you should trust me and pick the little one, but you don’t have to. It is totally up to you.”

Let her choose – it is a free choice! After she chooses, say, “Is that your final answer?”

Then reveal that IF she had (or because she) chose the little one, you want to give her a super huge one! (Get the large one out!)

If she chose the little one, she gets the giant one.

Compare this to the choices God gives us. We can always trust God when He says that He loves us and delights to give us good things. Sometimes the things of the world appear to be more attractive than the things of God, but we have to remember that in the long run, choosing God’s way will always be better!

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