A New Creation

HotDogBuns (2)Lesson Application: Once a life has Jesus it is a new creation in Christ. Maybe you have been trying to fool people into thinking you were a Christian when you really don’t have Jesus in your life. You can change that right now and God will change you.

Supplies:  a hot dog, bun, and ketchup, mustard and relish.

How many of you like hot dogs? Some people like ketchup on their hot dog, some like mustard, others like onions or relish (put these items on the hotdog while you say them). Talk about taking one of those things away.  “What about if you take away the relish, mustard, etc. Is it still a hot do? Yes it is but if I take away the hotdog from the bun (take out the hotdog) is it still a hot dog? No, now it is just a bun with stuff all over it.. Some people like to call themselves Christians but they don’t have Jesus in their lives. They are like a hot dog with no hotdog in it. They aren’t Christians at all. When we ask Jesus into our lives it is like adding the hotdog to the bun. It changes what the bun is. It is no longer just a bun, it is a hot dog.

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