Time is Ticking

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
Game music
How to play:
Select two children to play. Have them come up front. Tell them that they
will have 30 seconds to act out a scene (eating an ice cream cone and
getting a brain freeze for example). After they have acted out the scene, call
two new children to play. They must act out the same scene but they only
have 15 seconds! Select two new kids to play. They only have 10 seconds.
Finally, select the last two kids and give them 5 seconds! We found that it
really gets funny when kids try to act out the scene in five seconds.
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. Have some crazy game music ready when you say “go.” It will add to the
energy in the room.
2. We found that kids like to act out Bible stories like Jonah in the whale and
Peter walking on the water, for example.

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