The Donut Dash

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
2 dowel rods (3 feet long each)
Powdered donuts


How to play:
Before class, attach yarn to each dowel rod. Tie a donut to the end of each
strand of yarn. Have extra pieces of yarn cut and ready for the game. The
Donut Dash is played with four kids. Two kids sit in chairs and the other two
stand behind them with the small poles. When you say “go” the donut is to
be placed in front of the kid sitting in the chair. The first kid to eat the entire
donut is the winner.
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. Because the yarn gets wet and gross, you want to put a new piece on the
rod after each round.
2. We found that some kids don’t like white powdered donuts. Chocolate
donuts will work just as well.

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