Skittle Straw Shoot

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
Masking tape
Sandwich bags
Skittles candy
How to play:
This game is a real riot. Select two or three kids to come forward and play.
Give each child a sandwich bag full of Skittle candy. Give them a piece of
paper and have them roll it up like a straw. Place a bucket about 3 feet away
from each player. When you say “go,” the kids shoot the candy from their
straw into their bucket. When the time is up, the kid with the most candy in
his/her bucket wins!
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. Don’t have Skittles candy? Try other small edibles like Jelly Bellies or Good
and Plenty’s.
2. When the time is up, make the kids count the candy in their bucket for
themselves. If you count them yourself, you’re just gross.

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