Skateboard Scurry

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
Masking tape
Toilet plungers
How to play:
This game will create lots of energy with your kids! Before class, mark a
start and finish line on the floor with masking tape. Select some kids for
some skateboard races. When you say “go,” the kids sit on skateboards and
use toilet plungers as oars. This seems silly, but the kids will love it and will
all beg for a turn!
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. You can allow as many kids to race as you want. We normally have three
kids race at a time. This requires 3 skateboards and 6 toilet plungers.
2. Have the kids wear bike helmets when they are racing unless your carpet
and walls are padded!
3. Play fun music in the background as the kids are racing.

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