Musical Clothes

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
A bag of clothes
Game music
How to play:
Bring a handful of kids up front. Unlike musical chairs, you need to have a
chair for every kid. Ask every child to sit down. When you say “go,” start
playing some music. As the music is being played, the kids pass a bag of
clothes around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag
must reach into the bag and put on the item of clothing that they grab first.
The winner is the kid with the most articles of clothing on at the end of the
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. Looking for some laughs? Get creative in the clothes that you put in the
bag (extra large overalls, Santa Claus hat, funny Christmas sweater, etc.)
2. Give every child a prize for participating and award the winner with a
grand prize.

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