Marshmallow Catch

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
Masking tape
Sandwich bags
Miniature marshmallows
How to play:
Before the game, mark two lines on the floor about ten feet apart from each
other using masking tape. To play this game, select two kids to play. Allow
them to pick two team partners and bring them to the front with them. You
now have two teams with three kids on each team. One of the kids is the
pitcher, one is the catcher, and one is the counter. Give both pitchers a small
sandwich bag full of miniature marshmallows. When you say “go”, the
pitchers toss marshmallows into the catcher’s mouth. The catcher must eat
the marshmallows. The counter counts how many catches are made. When
the time ends, the team with the most catches wins!


Kid-Tested Tips:
1. We found that 60 seconds works well for this game.
2. If you don’t want to use a timer, announce that the first team to catch 10
marshmallows wins!

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