Gummy Bear Hunt

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
2 bowls
Whipped cream
Gummy bears


How to play:
Bring three kids to the front and have them sit a table, facing the audience.
Tell them they are going to go gummy bear hunting. Give them each a bowl
full of whipped cream with a small handful of gummy bears mixed in. (I
recommend eight gummy bears in each bowl.) When you say “go”, see which
kid can find five gummy bears the fastest using only their mouth. That’s
right, no hands are allowed! The kids must show you the gummy bears, one
at a time, in their teeth.
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. This game can get messy. It might be good to put a trash bag over each
kid or a bib of some sort.
2. Award the winner with a bag of gummy bears.
3. Have some baby wipes and towels ready to clean up the mess.

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