Fruit Loop Face

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
Fruit Loops Cereal
Styrofoam cups
Peanut butter
How to play:
Select two kids from the audience. Allow them to select a friend to be their
team partner. You’ll now have four kids up front. When you say “go”, see
who can do the best job decorating their partner’s face with peanut butter
and Fruit Loops. Encourage the kids to be creative. The goal of the game is
not to see who can do this the fastest, but who can be the most creative.
Don’t be surprised if kids create Fruit Loop earrings, goatees, etc.
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. Make sure your volunteers aren’t allergic to peanuts.
2. It may be smart to set a time limit or the game might drag out a little too
3. Select a panel of leaders to be the judges. Award the winners with their
own box of Fruit Loops.
4. Make sure and bring plenty of baby wipes so the kids can get cleaned up
before mom comes to pick them up after church.

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