Burger Bun Challenge

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
3 packages of hamburger buns
2 chairs
1 table
How to play:
Before class, open the packages of hamburger buns and put them on three
separate paper plates. Put these on a table in front of the room. Select six
kids to play. Bring the children up front and split them into three teams (two
kids per team). One child from each team will sit on a chair and the other
child will stand behind the chair. Put 60 seconds on the clock. On your mark,
the kids must stack hamburger buns one on top of the other – on their
partner’s forehead! If the stack falls, the team can start over again. At the
end of the sixty seconds, the team with the highest stack standing wins!
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. For variety, you can play this with cookies or Starburst candy.
2. Award the winners with a fun prize like gift cards to McDonalds or Crabby
Patty candy.
3. Have some crazy game music ready when you say go. It will add to the
energy in the room.

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