Blind Ring Race

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
2 stacking ring toys
2 blindfolds
How to play:
Have a table set up in the front with two stacking ring toys. (You know, the
stacking toys that toddlers play with where they stack rings from biggest to
smallest.) Disassemble the ring toys. Select two kids to compete and
blindfold each one. When you say “go”, the kids race to see who can build
their tower of rings the fastest. The rings must be in the right order – largest
on bottom to smallest on top.
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. Athletic headbands make great blindfolds. You can find them at most
major department stores.
2. For added fun, have some crazy game music ready when you say “go.” It
will add to the energy in the room.
3. Play this several times with different kids. With a stopwatch, see who has
the best time of the day and award that child with a special toy.

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