A Ring in the Air

Supplies you’ve gotta have:
2 cell phones
A stopwatch
How to play:
Select a child to play. Send the child outside of the room with a leader. When
the child leaves the room, give a cell phone to a willing child in the crowd.
Have the child hide it and keep it out of sight. Then bring the kid in from
outside. When you are ready to play, dial the hidden phone, and tell the
player who has re-entered the room to find the ringing phone as fast as he
Kid-Tested Tips:
1. Test both phones before class to make sure the cell phones get a good
2. Make sure the phone ringers are set on high.
3. Most cell phones go to voicemail after four or five rings. You might want to
hit “end” and “send” again every four rings.
4. If you want to play more than one round, keep track of the time on a
stopwatch. At the end of the game, see who found the phone in the best

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