Mad Libs Christmas Story

0612st_01_z+christmas_mad_libs+fruit_cake_top_viewFor a fun way to teach the kids the Christmas Story try a Mad Lib.  Put the story of Jesus’ birth from Luke on poster board ahead of time and leave blank some of the names, places, and actions. Then, at the beginning of the lesson, ask different kids to give you the name of a girl, a town, a government leader, etc. Write their answers in the blanks on the poster board. Once you’ve filled in all the blanks, hang up the poster boards and read it aloud together. The kids will crack up over this. (Make sure the kids don’t know ahead of time what story you are asking these questions for). Then have everyone open their Bibles to Luke and go back over the story and fill in the correct version and explain it to the kids. It’s a great way to keep the interest of kids who know the story of Jesus’ birth and explain it to new kids at the same time.

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