How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Church’s “Big Event”

social_media_marketingIn his article, “25 Ways to Promote Your Church’s Christmas Service in Social Media,” Paul Steinbrueck gives the most thorough social media marketing strategy for big events that I have ever read.  The article is written with a Christmas service in mind, but the tips are valuable for any big event.  What I like most is his use of a “virtual street team” and how that phrase can get social media junkies in your church fired up to help you with your social media campaign.  You could realistically promote your big event without ever having to further draw on your usual children’s ministry support team.


Steinbrueck gives a practical and clear list of 25 tasks, the first of which are below:

1.  Using Facebook & Twitter, recruit a virtual street team–people in your church who are engaged in social media and who will help lead efforts to promote the production.

2. Create a social media schedule in Google Docs.  Share it with your street team, get their input, add to it, and improve it based on their input.


Check out his website for all 25 ideas!