learningresourcesdryeraseboard3PROPS: A mini-marker board, an erasable marker, and an eraser

(For this object lesson, the leader will not speak. Everything will be written on the marker
board. Write each part of the story, let the older kids read it so the younger know what the
story is, and then erase and write the next part.)

How would you like it if this were the only way you could communicate?

Imagine if you had some great news and you couldn’t tell anyone…

Because you could not speak?

That happened to Zechariah.

Zechariah was a priest. He and his wife had no children.

One day, an angel appeared to Zechariah.

The angel said that he would have a son, and his son would be a prophet.

Zechariah did not believe the angel.

Because he didn’t believe, God took away his ability to speak.

Zechariah’s wife became pregnant just as the angel said.

Zechariah did not speak until the day his son was born.

He asked for a writing tablet and wrote, “His name is John.”

His son was John the Baptist, and when he grew up…

He had even bigger news than his father.

He got to tell the world that Jesus was coming.

We can tell the world about Jesus too.

We can tell them that Jesus will forgive their sins.

Don’t be silent. You have good news to share too.


To download this story, click here:   Zechariah-MarkerBoard

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