Ten Lepers


PROPS: A pair of crutches

KEY SCRIPTURE: Luke 17:11-19


Can someone tell me what these are? These are crutches. And what are they used
for? They’re used to help someone walk who has had a leg injury, like a broken leg or
a sprained ankle. Have any of you ever had to use a pair of these? Do any of you have
crutches in your house?

The hope with crutches is that the person who uses them won’t have to use them forever.
When the ankle or leg heals, the person puts the crutches away and begins to walk like
normal. The crutches go to the basement or the attic, or sometimes they get thrown away.
Whatever happens to them, it’s very unlikely that you’ll see crutches put in a place of
honor, where everyone can see and remember that injury. Why? Because we don’t like to
remember those things. How many of you like to sit around and remember the time you
hurt your leg or the time you got sick at school? When we’re sick or injured, we want that
to go away. As soon as we’re healed, we want to forget all about it.

There’s a story in the Bible about a group of men who had a terrible illness called leprosy.
Unlike a broken leg, leprosy was incurable. Once you had leprosy, you had it until the day
you died.

That is, unless you happened to meet a man named Jesus. The 10 men heard that Jesus
was in town, and they knew about the miraculous healing Jesus had done. They went to
him and pleaded with him to heal them. Jesus told the men to go and show themselves to
the priests—the only men who could legally pronounce them cured.

The men went, and on the way to see the priests, they saw that their leprosy had been
cured. The men threw their bandages off and cheered as they raced off to see the priests.
They were ready to start their life over now that they were healed, and they never wanted
to look back.

But one man did turn back. That man raced back to Jesus and thanked him. The Bible tells
us the man was a Samaritan, and if you remember the story of the Good Samaritan, you
know that these were a people who did not get along with the Jews. But in spite of their
cultural differences, he was the only one to show thanks.

It’s easy to put our bad times behind us, to store them away, and to hide them. But we
need to remember who it is that carries us through hardships. We need to remember to
give thanks to God, knowing that he will always be there to carry us through any hardship.


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