broken-potteryPROPS: Pieces of broken pottery

Can anyone tell me what today’s object is—or should I say, was? This used to be something
very useful; it was part of a pot that held a flower or some other plant. But now—now it’s
nothing but a broken shard, good for nothing but to be thrown away.

There’s a story in the Bible, however, in which a man found a different use for broken
pottery. His name was Job, and he was one of the richest men in the world. Job owned
hundreds of animals. He had a big house, lots of land, and a huge family. More importantly,
Job was a man who loved God. He loved God so much that the devil went to see the Lord
about Job. He told God the only reason Job loved God was because God had blessed him
so much. So God allowed Job to be tested.

In one day, everything Job had was taken away. Everything he had was stolen, and all of his
children died! Job remained faithful to God, so the devil asked God to test him further. Job
got sick and had sores all over his body. The Bible says the pain of the sores was so bad
that the only way he could get relief was by scratching his sores with broken pottery.

Can you imagine being in that much pain over your whole body? Job was miserable. His
wife told him he should curse God and die. His friends told him that he probably had done
something to offend God. But Job knew he had done nothing wrong!

But even through all that suffering, Job did not sin. He did not curse God. He knew that the
one thing that could never be taken from him was his faith in God. Only he could give that
up, and Job refused to let go. He didn’t know that God would restore everything he had and
then some. (And God did when Job’s test was over.) He just knew that God was still there,
and he refused to let go.

You know, when this pottery was intact, it would have made a nice pot for some flowers. In
the New Testament, Jesus talks about the flowers. They have no way of making clothing for
themselves, and yet God clothes them in the most beautiful of colors.

Like the flowers, Job did not worry about losing his possessions or even his life. Even when
all he had to relieve his pain was broken pottery, he trusted the Lord.

Let’s pray that God will give us the faith to trust him, no matter what our circumstances,
and to always remain faithful!

To download this story, click here:   Job-BrokenPottery

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