TABLOID-brosisPROP: A tabloid magazine—the craziest one you can find (and still show students)
KEY SCRIPTURE: 2 Kings 18-19

How many of you like to read the headlines on these silly magazines in the grocery store?

These are called tabloids, and believe it or not, these magazines make a lot of money—in spite
of the fact that very few of them tell the truth! These magazines sell copies with stories about
Bigfoot, UFOs, and the infamous Bat Boy. They scare people with prophecies about the end of
the world. They spread all sorts of stories about famous people and celebrities. And like I said,
most of what they say is wrong! Some of them exaggerate. Some of them simply reprint gossip
without bothering to check if what they’re printing is true. And some just make stuff up. If any
of you have any aspirations of being a famous singer of actor, you need to be prepared for
someone to print some ugly, untrue things about you one day.

King Hezekiah was one such person. When Hezekiah was king of Judah, the king of Assyria
decided to conquer Judah and its capital city of Jerusalem. But the king of Assyria didn’t just
roll in with his soldiers and chariots. He first attacked Judah with gossip and rumors.

Do you know what the big rumor was? He tried to make the people of Israel believe that God
was not going to save them! He told the people that Hezekiah was lying when he said the Lord
would save them. He bragged about how many soldiers and horses he had. He bragged that
the forces of Israel were no match for him.

Why would he do this? Because he wanted Hezekiah to surrender. The king of Assyria didn’t
want to go to war. He wanted Hezekiah to give up without a fight. What better way to do that
than to convince the people of Judah that their king was powerless to stop them?

But Hezekiah did not listen to gossip and rumors. Hezekiah was a good king, a godly king, and
he knew better than to give in to fear and gossip. Hezekiah went to the Lord in prayer. God
listened to Hezekiah, and through the prophet Isaiah, he told Hezekiah the truth: Assyria would
not conquer Judah. God would save Judah, and the king of Assyria, not Hezekiah, would fall.

Gossip is a powerful and destructive force. If you haven’t experienced it in your life up until
now, you will. But there’s one thing more powerful than gossip—and that’s the truth. When
rumors and gossip try to make you give up, when they fill you with fear, follow Hezekiah’s
example and take that fear to the Lord. Ask God to reveal his truth to you, and don’t give in
to gossip.

Above all else, let gossip end with you. When there’s no one left to spread gossip, there’s no
more gossip.


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