Pink-Ballet-Shoes-pink-color-34590495-1050-750PROPS: Dancing shoes (tap, ballet, etc.)

Do any of you have a pair of shoes like this? What are these shoes used for?

There are all kinds of shoes for dancing. Ballet dancers have special slippers that give them
flexibility and help them move more gracefully. On the other extreme, there are tap shoes
and clogs. These shoes are made to make noise when you move.

Whatever your style of dance, there’s a perfect shoe, isn’t there?

There aren’t too many passages in the Bible about dancing, but there is one involving one
of the most famous men in the Bible, David. David had just become king of Israel after
many years of running and hiding from the former king, Saul. He was a long way from the
boy who killed Goliath. He was a grown man, a married man, the most powerful man
in Israel.

So why was David dancing? Because he was praising God!

David had decided to bring the Ark of the Covenant, the most sacred treasure in all of
Israel, to the capital city of Jerusalem. This was an occasion for worship and celebration,
and David was front and center leading the worship. The Bible tells us he was half-naked,
dancing and singing and praising the Lord.

Can you imagine the president, the mayor of our town, or even our pastor leading a parade
and dancing? It seems a little undignified, doesn’t it? These are people who are supposed
to look professional, mature, and serious. People in power don’t dance half-naked down the
street, do they?

That’s exactly what David’s wife Michal said when he went home that day. She yelled at him
for dancing and praising God! She told him straight out: You made a fool of yourself today.
But you know what David told her? He told her he didn’t care! He danced for one person
and one person only, and that was the Lord. In fact, he told his wife, “I will become even
more undignified than this!”

David loved God more than anyone. He cared what God thought more than what his wife or
anyone else thought. That’s a challenge for all of us, isn’t it?

Whose opinion matters most to you: your parents’, your friends’, or Jesus’?

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