Christmas Quiz

A_Kim_Possible_Nativity_Scene_by_drakkenfanAn elimination quiz about Christmas:

In order to check how well children are understanding their Bible lessons, use an elimination quiz to check test them out. I ask the class questions, and give two alternative answers. If a child gets the wrong answer, they are eliminated. I keep going until there are only a few successful children left. In order to ensure that the children do not copy each other, I get them to close their eyes as they are answering the question. I say “Put your hand up, if you think the answer is ‘A’, and keep it down if you think it is ‘B’.  The last kids standing wins mini candy canes.

Here is an Elimination quiz for Christmas. Remember, it is better to ask for the ‘best’ or ‘most correct’ answers.

1. In what town was Jesus born?
A. Bethlehem. B. Nazareth.

2. What country is Bethlehem in?
A. Egypt. B. Israel.

3. What was the name of Jesus’ mother?
A. Elizabeth. B. Mary.

4. Who was the father of Jesus?
A. Joseph. B. God.

5. What was the name of Mary’s husband?
A. John. B. Joseph.

6. In what type of building was Jesus born?
A. An inn. B. A stable.

7. What was Jesus placed in after he was born?
A. A bed. B. A manger.

8. What is a Manger? A.
A cattle’s eating or drinking trough. B. A place for storing straw.

9. Who first announced the birth of Jesus?
A. Angels. B. The King.

10. To whom did the Angels announce the birth of Jesus to?
A. The wise men. B. Some shepherds.

11. How many wise men were there?
A. Three. B. We don’t know.

12. How did the wise men find out where Jesus was?
A. They followed a star. B. The shepherds told them.

13. How many gifts did the wise men bring?
A. Three. B. Five.

14. About how long ago was Jesus born?
A. 2,000 years. B. 10,000 years.

15. Why was Jesus born?
A. To teach us about God. B. To die for our sins.

16. Is Jesus alive today?
A. Yes. B. No.

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