Bible Story–Moses

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How many of you guys have one of these in the house? How many of you have a mom
or dad who can’t make it in the mornings without at least one cup of coffee?

For a lot of adults and even teenagers, coffee is an essential part of the day. People
can’t begin their day without a cup of coffee. But there’s a funny irony in people’s
dependence on coffee to get through the day: Coffee takes a little time to make. You
can’t just open the fridge, take the cap off the jug of coffee, and pour yourself a tall
glass of coffee. You have to wash out the pot, dump out yesterday’s coffee grounds
and filter, put a new filter in, scoop in some new coffee grounds, pour in the hot water,
and then wait for the coffee to slowly drip down and fill the pot.

Imagine how frustrating it can be for some people who desperately “need” that cup
of coffee, having to wait as long as five whole minutes to get their coffee so they can
begin their work.

Now imagine waiting 40 years before you can get started on your work!
That’s the story of Moses. Many of you may know Moses as the man who led the
Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. But did you know that Moses had to wait 40 years
before he was ready to do the job God had given him?

Moses was raised in the palace by Pharaoh’s daughter, but he was an Israelite who was
well aware of his heritage thanks to his birth mother. Moses saw the way the Egyptians
were treating the Israelites, and he wanted to help them. In fact, one day he killed an
Egyptian for mistreating a Hebrew slave.

But violence was not part of God’s plan for Moses, and these actions led to him living in
exile as a shepherd. He lived in the wilderness, far from the splendor of Egypt, tending
sheep for his father-in-law. Then one day, 40 years after leaving Egypt, God spoke to
Moses through a burning bush and told him to return to Egypt.

God has a plan for all of our lives. For some people, those plans are difficult to see. For
others, they could not be clearer. But whether God gives you a clear calling or keeps
you guessing, remember the story of Moses. Wait on the Lord, and let him tell you
when it is time to act. You may think you have it all figured out, but God sees many
things we cannot see. Wait on the Lord, and you will be amazed at his perfect timing.


To download this story, click here:  Moses-Coffeemaker

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