Bible Story: Gideon

pink-fleece-blanket2PROP: A fleece blanket

Does anyone have a blanket like this at home? This blanket is made of fleece, and even back
in Old Testament times, it was not uncommon for people to have fleece in their homes.
Fleece is a very soft, very warm fabric, and it just so happens that a fleece blanket plays a
key role in the story of Gideon.

Gideon lived during the time of the judges—a period that follows the Israelites’ arrival in
Canaan but comes before the establishment of the Kingdom of Israel. God had allowed the
Israelites to fall captive to their enemies as punishment for their sins. When the Israelites
cried out to God, God called on Gideon.

Now Gideon wasn’t exactly the kind of guy you’d figure for a world leader. He was not from
a powerful or important family, but God doesn’t always call on the “important” people. God
knew Gideon was the perfect man for the job. The problem was that Gideon didn’t believe
he was the man for any job!

When God called Gideon to save Israel, Gideon put him to the test. He set a fleece outside
and prayed to God. He told God, “If you want me to save Israel, then in the morning, there
will be dew in the blanket but none on the ground.” The next morning, Gideon saw that the
blanket was wet but the ground was dry!

Would one test have been enough for you to believe God? Believe it or not, it wasn’t
enough for Gideon. The next night, he asked God to make the ground wet but leave the
blanket dry! God passed the test once more.

Some people today would look at Gideon and say, “Well, he just didn’t have enough faith!”
But there’s a valuable lesson in Gideon’s testing God. Too many people today run out
and try to do God’s will without ever asking God what he wants! They say, “I will start a
Christian band!” or “I will start a Christian TV show!” or “I will start my own ministry.” Are
their motives right? If they want to serve God, then yes. But just because you want to do
something doesn’t mean that it’s God’s will!

God has a plan for all of us, but finding that plan can sometimes feel like a series of tests.
Oftentimes when we try and fail, we want to blame God. But maybe those are the times
when God is simply saying, “No, this isn’t my plan. My plan is over here.”

Gideon didn’t dare do anything until he knew for sure it was God’s plan. And while we
shouldn’t get into the habit of testing God, we need to take every thought and every idea
captive, praying to God and asking, “Is this your will or mine?” If it’s yours, then let it go. It
it’s the Lord’s, then go, and get ready to see God move.


To download this story, click here:  Gideon-Blanket

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